A.W.O.L. (Short) 2006, Writer: Shane Black, Director: Jack Swanstrom
Science Fiction short set during the Vietnam War. Multiple award winner.

Soldier of God (Feature) 2005, Writer: Mir Bahmanyar and Kathryn Kuhlen, Director: David Hogan
Independent historical film set during the Crusades. Limited theatrical and worldwide DVD release. Multiple award winner. Sales: Fabrication Films.

Out Loud! (Documentary) 1997, Writer/Director: Miriam Bjeirre
The Los Angeles Gay Men’s Chorus visit to Eastern Europe including an emotional trip to a concentration camp. KCET Los Angeles (PBS) fundraiser.

In Development:

The Paper Man (Feature Script), Writer: Sean O’Keefe,  Black List 2012
True story of the world’s greatest soccer player resisting fascism in Austria prior to World War 2.

The Ten Thousand (Book), Author: Michael Curtis Ford
Novel based on the true story of 10,000 Greek mercenaries set in 400 BC Persia.

Fireforce and Out of Action (Books), Author: Chris Cocks, Adapted for TV:  Mir Bahmanyar
Brutally honest memoirs of a young boy losing his innocence and falling into the abyss of drugs and death during the horrific Rhodesian (Zimbabwe) Civil War raging in the 1960s-70s.

The Patrick Tadina Story (Life Rights)
True story of America’s longest serving and most decorated soldier during the Vietnam War.

The Spearheaders: A Personal History of Darby’s Rangers (Book), Author: Jim Altieri
Riveting memoir of a young soldier volunteering for America’s first Commando unit during the Second World War in Europe and North Africa.