About Mir Bahmanyar


Mir was born in Tehran to an Iranian father and a German mother. He spent most of his childhood in Hamburg, Germany before immigrating with his family to the United States.

After earning his BA in History at UC Berkeley, he went on to join the US Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment. Mir also served on the Board of Directors for the 75th Ranger Regiment Association. Mir has authored non-fiction books and articles specializing in current US special operations published in English, German, Spanish and Japanese. Some of his books are on the reading lists of:

• U.S. Marine Corps Forces
• Central Command
• The Command and General Staff College Deputy Commandant’s Deploying Officer
• The U.S. Joint Forces Command’s Pre-Deployment Afghanistan

In recent years Mir has been writing and producing films. He co-wrote and produced the award-winning motion picture Soldier of God and occasionally acts as a consultant to the TV and feature film industries. Mir also acted as German language coach to George Clooney in the motion picture The Good German. He was invited to speak at the Malaga Film Commission’s annual Cine y Turismo (Cinema and Tourism) seminar of 2006 featuring filmmakers and business leaders from around the world.

Mir is an avid supporter of environmental and animal causes.