Soldier of God (2006) Written by MIr Bahmanyar and Kathryn Kuhlen

Fireforce and Out of Action (Books), Author: Chris Cocks, Adapted for TV:  Mir Bahmanyar
Brutally honest memoirs of a young boy losing his innocence and falling into the abyss of drugs and death during the horrific Rhodesian (Zimbabwe) Civil War raging in the 1960s-70s.

Vatos Locos (Feature Script)
A tale of mercenaries in Mexico.

Bishop’s Pawn (Feature Script)
International thriller in the vein of James Bond and Jason Bourne.

The Greatest American (Feature Script), based on the book A True Ranger, Author: Gary Zaboly
True account of Robert Rogers during the French-Indian and American Revolutionary War. Barry Lyndon meets Last of the Mohicans.

Hazardous (Pilot Script) developed with Wayde Zalken
Female driven bomb squad procedural.

Mindgames (Pilot Script) Based on the graphic novel by Author/Artist: James Starlin, Adapted for Solipsist Films: Mir Bahmanyar co-written with Dave Hogan
Science Fiction series set on a distant city station in outer space in the vein of The Godfather.

MODUS (Pilot Script) co-written with Dave Hogan
A top-secret law enforcement unit solving exceptional serial killer crimes.

Black Light (Pilot Script) developed with Wayde Zalken
A falsely accused soldier is on the run.

Dellyk (Pilot Script) developed with Wayde Zalken
Gothic Police procedural about an detective with a problem… or two.

Other properties in development. Available upon request.